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About the Company

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YBW mission is to care and service every boat as if it's our own

Whether you have a Sea-Doo in need of repair or a or a mega yacht needing it's beautiful teak decks prepared and sealed  or new varnish applied to interior and exterior trims and casework, Yacht Bright Works takes the time and precision to handle the repair to your specifications.  YBR specializes in fiberglass gelcoat repair, woodwork installation, restoration and maintenance and equipment installation and upkeep.  We also help you maintain the over vessel upkeep with our detailing services.

About the Owner
Andres Hernandez is the founder and CEO of Yacht Bright Works.  With an extensive background in marine vessel repair and maintenance management, YBW was created.  Leading a team of equally skilled workers, Hernandez works tirelessly to provide spectacular marine vessel services. 
What makes a Yacht different from any other boat?